Comprehensive Programs:

  1. Playgroup
  2. Kindergarten
  3. Primary School (P1-P6)
  4. High School (G7-G12)

Consolidation Program
with Fun Learning Method
for achieving maximum potential

Multiple Certificates

  1. JAC School
  2. STTB Diknas RI
  3. YLE Cambridge London
  4. Mandarin HSK Int’l

in English & Mandarin Program
with Fun Learning method


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New Achievements


Year 2018

“Indonesian Education Golden Award”

Signed by:
Mr. Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D
(The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education RI)

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Always growing interpersonally and make lots of good deeds to others.


Our teacher has composed this motto as our JAC Theme Song


JAC School programs are designed to empower students to be academically competitive in a constantly changing world. Our school curriculum is committed to helping our student discover talents, increase competence, develop imagination, and expand academic and personal horizons.


Our most important goal is to nurture an enthusiasm for the process of life long, independent learning in each child.


In partnership with the home and the community, JAC School aspires to create a caring, positive and supportive learning environment to enable every student to reach their maximum potential and experience success.


Why choose us?

Comprehensive and Up-To-Date Curriculum

  • Consolidation method
  • Partnership with School consultant
  • Non-Franchised from any other company
  • International Standard School with Diknas curriculum

Affordable Cost (Investment)

  • Get FIXED SCHOOL FEE   (Primary until High-School for 3 years each level)
  • SCHOOLARSHIP available  (upto 100% in High-School)

Flexible Educational Pathway

  • Choices to the next education level either national or international worldwide.
  • Accelerated Program in Singapore.

School Awards for Quality

2017 : The Most Inspiring Int’l School in Quality Education
2016 : The Excellent Education Award
2016 : The Best Creative and Innovative Int’l School
2015 : The Highly Recommended School
2014 : The Best Excellent International School
2013 : The Best Inspiring Education from Pusat Rekor Indonesia

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein

Nowadays, “caring” seems to be overpowered by individualistic and materialism. People often afraid to help others. I & you might be suspicious to others who need our help. Well, the truth is we cannot live by ourselves. We need each other’s presence. We need each other’s help. Raising kids to be caring for others is our responsibility. It would be fantastic if we can raise kids who are excellent in academic journey as well as excellent in character.

I love to see my girl – Gia – when she is helping out her younger brother. She helped him carrying his stool. She shares her food, and even feeding him.

Jeriel Charis, parents of Gianina Prasasya Charis (P1B)

Caring for others”. One culture kept alive in our family. From the desire that in November last year, our family agreed to establish the “Komunitas Kelana”. With the tagline #BelajarBermainBerbagi, indirectly Mbak Azka and Dek Reika can learn while training their social sensitivity.

Alhamdulillah, a number of programs have been executed, from “Orphan Goes to TMII” to open literacy classes for children who are less fortunate. The children also helped to set aside their savings for this activity, it’s really touched me. It turned out that it was more effective to teach caring if children are directly involved in positive activities.

Lita Hariyani, parents of Azkania (G8) & Reika (P4B)

Maximillian is our first child. As parents, we want Max to be a good boy for our families and his surroundings. For this matter, we set a little strict rule for Max. We do not like our child is being beaten or be mean to others. Every day, we involve Max to pray and in our prayer we teach him to be grateful, ask for forgiveness for our wrong doing and to always pray for others including families or friends. Max has a sensitive feeling. He always remember and pray for his friend who is absent because of sickness.

Occasionally, we bring Max to visit orphanage so that he may grow his empathy for others. As a big brother, Max loves his younger brother. I, sometimes pretend to get mad at his brother and Max will always say “Mommy please, do not be angry, he is only a child and knows nothing. I will teach him”. Knowing that he grew up to be a loving and caring child to families and friends, really make us grateful and happy as parents.

Monica Rani, parents of Maximilian (P2A)

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