Christmas and New Year 2019 Celebration

14 December 2018

You know it is coming to Christmas and New Year when all the laughter and joy filled in the air….

It was Friday afternoon (14/12), when all students and teachers got ready to join in High School Christmas and New Year celebration at Futsal Hall. Candy canes, Ginger bread men, tinsels, Angels, Christmas bulbs and last but not least the Christmas tree can easily be seen in the entire futsal hall. All students gathered in groups to play the game which supervised by teachers. They seemed enjoy and had fun during stacking cups, blowing the bubble, and falling down cups game. Laughter and happiness filled the 4th floor hall. After the game, all students gathered in their own groups and be ready for the next activity, that was present exchange. Presents were wrapped nicely and beautifully, and all were set up tidily beside our Christmas tree. Each students picked a number randomly and took their present that helped by teachers. They eagerly opened their present to find out what gift they get. When the time struck 11.50, everybody was so happy and enthusiastic for Potluck party. They took whatever cookies they want and ate together with their friends. During potluck party, Ms. Miyas and Ms. Rilie announced the first and second winner of the game. That was Joyful Friday Afternoon when we shared love and togetherness as JAC High School family.

All and all Happy New Year 2019, Cheers to a New Year and May The New Year Begin in Prosperity.