Entrepreneur Day 2019

Surabaya, February 15, 2019

Surabaya, JAC SCHOOL- It was Friday morning (15/2), when all of HS students were preparing their booth for Entrepreneur Day. All G7, G8, G10, and G11 students were so busy that day since 6 A.M. Some of the students even cooked their food since 3 A.M. “I was so tired and sleepy, because I need to wake up at 2 A.M to prepare this rice ball,” Allena (G11 student) explained. The purpose of this event is basically to experience the students about entrepreneur life. Ms. Evi and Ms Nurlita, as the PIC, also added that the teachers hope the students will know how hard it is to earn money, so they will appreciate the value of money.”  This entrepreneur day, as one of the annual events for JAC students, not only experiencing how to make an effective business but also showing them how to work as team to reach the target. All students were so excited to promote their product. “Yeah I make this robot helmet yesterday after school, helped by some friends to attract the customer to come and buy our food and drink,” Bagus (G8 student) stated. As a matter of fact, all of our students done their best to sell their products to their teachers, as well as parents. In the end of the day, when MC announced the winner, it came out that Starburst-G8B and Paperheart-G7A as the first and second winner (Secondary school) while Flippin Romance- G10 as the winner of High school.

During this event, there were also class performances from G7 to G11 with G12 as the guest star. Each of performances took around 5 minutes, with the best class performance goes to G8A. Meanwhile, the favorite performance goes to G11. Right after all performances, the MC invited all of the students to join in 2 different games, Missing Lyrics and Guess the Title. The students were so enthusiastically answer the questions. While the representatives of each group were so seriously pay attention to the songs, the rest of students scream out loud to support their friends. The crowd was so intense, and the PIC finally chose G10 and G7A as the best supporter. “The event was so awesome, the students were so excited, yet tired at the same time. But overall, we do really have fun!”, Ms. Herlina said. (Written by Ms. Marieta)