Entrepreneur Day 2020

Celebrating Lunar New Year (known as Chinese Chunjie/ Chinese New Year) which traditionally reserved for family celebrations, JAC High School held Food Festival on Tuesday (21/1) in order to celebrate the day as High School family. Took place at canteen area, all High School students from G 10 and G11 were participated in this entrepreneur day, and G12 students as guests stars. “This year, we split the team. High school which is G10 and G11 as the entrepreneurs divided into 3 groups . So we have six groups in total,” Ms. Octa, the event organizer explained. The students were so excited in preparing their products. The menu they sell varied from popcorn to chicken wings. Some simple yet nice serving method of beverages also became their way to attract customers. “Today, we just sell chicken wings, cake pop, and soda lemonade,” Helena (G10), told us about her group menu. However, Hazel (G11) stated that this year her group will bring up a bit different. Her team beverage is matcha boba, meanwhile she takes chicken drum and chocolate cake as their food. “This year menu is quite fantastic, some of students who join in cooking club try to apply their skills,” Ms. Ayu, Cooking club teacher explained.
Our students were really enjoying the day, they promote their products in many different ways, such us offering 50% discount for those who bring their own tumbler to free pillow for 100 thousands rupiahs purchase. “I am tired honestly, I woke up at 2 just to cook this omelet and fried rice but to be honest I am so happy because they love my friend rice,” Maggie (G10) told us happily. The event which was also sponsored by Yong Chun- Mandarin course held mandarin singing competition. Each of team must send one of their member to join in the competition. All six contestants were trying to be the best. They tried hard to pronounce the words as clear as possible, as it is one of the criteria. Damian (G11) and Wannie (G11) managed to set their position as second and first winner.
There is one thing that JAC always have during events, students’ performance. For this event, almost all teams chose to present band performance. Only AABB chose to send their dancers, for band performance most students chose to sing recent songs just like Mongkey Dance and Sia feat Zain and hope they really attract audiences’ attention so they could easily win the prize. In the end of the day, Ms Ratna as MC announced the winner and Asterism (G10) who are Helena, Vincent Dennis, David, Jesswin who performed and sing Dusk till dawn by Sia feat Zain managed to win the second prize and Lunar Spirit (G11) who are Hazel, Devierri, Jayson won the first prize.
During the events, Ms Ratna as the MC also held two different quizzes, tebak lagu and wawasan umum. Tebak lagu quiz is quite challenging since our students need to guess the title of the song played by the judges. Not only western songs, but also some old Indonesian and traditional songs. The toughest songs based on the participants opinion is national songs. However, no matter how hard the songs are but Radit (G11) won the quiz. “I am so happy, as I think I will never win any prize, but yeah I did it, thank you,” Radit told us enthusiastically. For some students who really book worm, Wawasan Umum (trivia quiz) is the only quiz they can participate in. The questions were varied, from riddle to JAC miscellaneous. Vincent Dennis managed to win the prize. Last but not least the best groups for 2020 Food Festival are 2020: F88d (1st winner) and Lunar Spirit (2nd winner).
Congratulations for all winners, see you in 2021 Food festival!