G12’s Live In

Experiencing a different kind of situation than your daily basis will be so much exciting and grade 12 students was enjoying the life as native in Jatirejo, Prigen.

It was November 14th 2019 when G12 students (except 2 students because of their health condition) were preparing for Live-in activity in Prigen for 3 days (14-16/11). Gathering up at school around 7 am, preparing all tasks that they need to submit and checking all stuff they need to bring, they looked so enthusiastic. They left school at 7.15 am by Mini Bus and it took around 2 hours to arrive. After arriving to the venue, all students were welcomed by their host families. They were mingle with the native and explained about their daily life. Not only mingled and got to know their daily life but also served their local food. “I like their local food, although simple but it is very delicious”, Sava explained. In the evening, all students were gathered up with the locals to play UNO games. “They don’t know what UNO is, we just explain and invite them to play with us,” Christoper added.
On the second day, most students woke up at 5 am and had some chit chats with the local children while having breakfast. Around 9 am all of them were ready to go to school. They have to teach secondary students (from grade 7 to grade 9). Wearing JAC uniform, some of students taught Matematika (Math) meanwhile most of them taught English. “It was so fun but I found a bit difficulties to teach Matematika (Math) meanwhile we did less preparation. We have to teach for 3 hours but before coming in to the class, the teacher explained about the situation. At least this explanation really helpful for us, since we never have any experience in teaching,” Celline recalled her memory. After teaching secondary students, they came back to their host family house to have lunch and then gathered up at base camp to cook ‘Jemblem’ (one of Javanese traditional snack) meanwhile some others they made coffee”. “I just know what Jemblem is and now I know how to make it, even the ingredients is so simple. You just need brown sugar and cassava. After you smashed the cassava, you add oil and brown sugar and then you fried it,” Jennifer explained excitingly. In the evening after dinner, our students were invited at Balai Desa (to the Hall) together with local residents and students. They sang, band, and even play some games. “I’ve got problem to communicate with them since they spoke Madurese, but Amadeus will translate for us. Only him who understand Madurese, “ Jeffry explained.
On the third day, all of our students were invited to join in trip to go around village area. The locals showed them their field even some of them experienced to feed to cows. “I was so nervous at first, but I feel happy and I like it,” Allena explained. After some times, they finally arrived at Balai Desa (village hall). The locals explained about the coffee production (from raw fruit into the finished coffee). “first of all you need to roast the bean and then clean and sort it, in the end we pack it into 100 gram/pack. I like coffee, but this time I know the process”, Jessica told us excitingly. In the afternoon, all of the bags are pack and our students held farewell party for their host family. “Thank you JAC, it is an awesome experience in our last year in JAC, “Amadeus added. (by Ms. Herlina)