JAC Cup and Olympiad 2019

JAC School, Surabaya – Celebrating Independence Day, our school held JAC CUP and Olympiad for almost the whole week (27-30/8). There were various competition and games which encourage our student to show their talents and team work. News Anchor, Singing, Wall Magazine, and Dance competitions were activities which students can choose during JAC Olympiad. Meanwhile, Futsal competition (High School students) and Basketball match (Secondary students) were the games which our students will experience the atmosphere of a competition.
JAC Olympiad 2019 brought up new ideas. JAC HS and Erlangga Surabaya held speech competition which participated by all HS students (G7 to G12). The winner of this competition will participate in East Java as JAC representative for Speech Competition. Cerdas cermat, singing, dance, band competition, and news anchor were some other competitions the students can participate in. The final round for JAC Olympiad was held in Ciputra World. “Through this competition, we hope the students triggered to explore their talent more,” Ms Lita (JAC Olympiad PIC) explained.
Meanwhile, Ms Ratna (the PIC of JAC CUP) added that JAC invited Kalam Kudus, MDC, Cambridge, and Elyon School to participate in Futsal and Basketball competitions. As annual competitions, she hope that JAC would invite some more schools to take part in this event. In line with Ms Ratna and Ms Lita, Ms Herlina (English teacher) explained, “Well, since this is annual event so we invite media (TVRI) to take part in our event. This is a good chance for our students to show their talents. The final round of JAC Olympiad will be held in Ciputra World Mall (30/8) and I believe it will be fantastic.”
Vania (G11) and Aileen (G8B)