JAC Cup & JAC Olympiad 2018

Surabaya, 18-26 October 2018

The annual event, JAC Cup & JAC Olympiad was held again this year. The purpose of these event was not only to gain student’s teamwork, but also to search for their ‘hidden talent’. With G7 – G10 students as the participants, the event was held with full of joy.
Similar to last year’s JAC Olympiad, the students joined all the competition with a great enthusiasm. A new category, which was dance was added to this year’s Olympiad. The audition and semifinal round was held at school, meanwhile the final round was held at Ciputra World, except for cerdas cermat.
In contrast with the event last year, this year’s JAC Cup was held with lots of new fun games such as, frisbee tic tac toe, move your steps, hand ball, lempar lembing, table tennis, basketball free throw and estafet run. To join these games, each class was divided into 2 groups. Beside those games, there were also friendly match of junior high basketball with Kalam Kudus, Cambridge and Al Mizan and senior high futsal with Cambridge. And last but not least, DBL Roadshow was added in this year’s Cup.
This year, G9 dominates JAC Cup by winning singing, news anchor, dance and cerdas cermat first places. Meanwhile G9 students showed that they had bunch of ‘hidden talents’ by dominating most of the Olympiad’s final round.
(by Charlene Joy – G11)