JAC Virtual Olympiad 2020

JAC School, Surabaya – In this pandemic of COVID-19, all of the offline activities would be very limited. However, the existence of great and advanced technology became really helpful for us to do everything using online system. Our school held JAC Virtual Olympiad 2020 in 4 days. It started from 13th October – 16th October 2020 and it was held by using an online platform of Zoom meeting.

There were various competitions for the students to join and to compete such as News Anchor, Singing, Java Speech, Solo-instrument, Solo – Dance, Cerdas Cermat, Reading Mandarin Poem, Photo Against COVID-19, and Heroes Picture which would definitely encouraged the students to show their talent and their best ability or skill. Event though it was slightly different compared to the previous year event which could have sports competition, this year competition successfully made the students to compete at their best. For this year event, the students were required to do all of those competitions and submitted it to an online platform Microsoft Teams. As a result, the judges would decide which student broke in to the next qualification stage. “This virtual event is different from what we have ever had previously. In this event, both academic and non-academic are being competed. An extraordinary developing program for the students which is packed up so interesting and everyone is satisfied towards the result of the event.” Said Mr Danni as PIC of the JAC Virtual Olympiad 2020.

This JAC Virtual Olympiad 2020 distinguished the level of the participants. For senior level, the qualification stage was held on 13th October 2020 and the Final round would be held on the next day, 14th October 2020. Meanwhile, for the secondary level, the qualification stage was held on 15th October 2020 and the Final round was held on the following day, 16th October 2020.

“I am so glad that the school allows the committee to hold this event. I think that by holding this event, we can actually see the hidden talent from the students. We might be surprised by some of the students because sometimes we might consider them as quiet ones , yet they have an amazing hidden talent. Therefore, this event is really a way for the students to show their hidden talent.” Said Ms Mala as one of the homeroom teacher. One of the participants, Phoebe Lin (G11), also said that she was grateful for the school to hold such competition which made the students to be able to show their hidden talent and even became the winner of the competition.