Leadership Camp 2018

10-11 August 2018

Happy Independence Day!Merdeka!

In this year, JAC High School Surabaya celebrated the Indonesian Independence Day along with Leadership Camp. The event was held on Friday to Saturday, 10 – 11 August 2018, in KusumaAgrowisata Camping Ground Batu, East Java. The objective of this event was Grade 7 to 10 Students. The committee of our event was not only handled by the High School teachers, but also from the Grade 11 to 12 students. There are several division of the committee for the students: Event Programming, Coaching, Equipment’s, documentation, Transportation, Health and accommodation, Time Keeper and Caterer division. Each division has challenging job and preparation in order to help the Grade 11-12 students to prepare their university’s life later on.

Our theme was ‘Courageous’, we chose this theme in order to gain students’ courage. The students were given understanding about courage requires the taking of genuine risk, but with thought.Courage and being brave is not about blindly rushing in, but thinking about it and then doing it anyway if it is necessary.It showed in the activities which were held. The first was the adventure, in this activity there were 6 checkpoints with Independence Day theme (pos proklamasi, pos kemerdekaan, pos Pancasila, pos merah-putih, pos 73 and pos garuda). The students had to find the treasure by gaining the point in each checkpoint. The second was leadership workshop. The speaker was Ms Dorlin as the counsellor, the students were enthusiast to follow the programme. The top of the event was the bonfire in the camping ground area. In the second day, they were enjoying the game prepared by the committee. Hopefully, the leadership camp can bring the improvement in JAC HS Students’ behaviour, morality, nationality and courage. 

(Ms Ni Luh – Camping Highschool Surabaya 2018)