Leadership Camp 2019

We Commit to Excellence

JAC School, Surabaya- JAC Leadership camp 2019, which entitled “Commit to Excellence”, was held for 2 days (20-21/9) in Grand Whiz, Camping ground, Trawas. All G11 students were appointed as committees and coaches. The participants were all G7 and G8 students. “I was so nervous at first, but after getting closer to my group members, “I was so glad and proud to be their coach,” Vania stated. Elizabeth explained, “The committee had a hard time coming up with game ideas, but we managed to work it out!”. “It was so much fun eventhough we are so tired,” Jeremiah explained. All committee. Participants, and teachers were enjoyed the games, outbond, and last but not least the campfire. “All students seems enjoy and the camp went well”, Ms. Medha explained.
Leadership camp as part of JAC High School activities to shape and create a very strong, intelligent, and reliable leaders was held every year in the early semester. All participants which consists of all G7, G8, and G11 (as student-committee) students will experience an outdoor activites, such as tactical games, campfire, and outbond. The committee will prepare 4-5 games, they need to beat their opponent during these games, each team must accomplish all tasks given and the winner will get points. They need to get as much points as possible to be the best team.
In the evening, our students will attend to seminar held by Ms Dorlin. During the class, they will involve in discussion on how to reach their dream, how to aim high, all and all how to achieve their maximum potential.
Right after the seminar has finished, each team will show their talent to win the title of ‘the best performance-team’. They will dance, sing, and perform act (drama). In the end of the day, all students and teachers gather up ans start the campfire. All committe will show their talent and perform for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
The next day, all of us will join in tracking activites. After warming up and breakfast all of us will enjoy and experience fascinating and breath-taking scenery. “It wasnt just about physical and mental strength but we also let the students to experience such outdoor activities”, Ms. Mala stated. (by Feren and Vania G11)