MPLS 2019

JAC SCHOOL, Surabaya – First day of school is a nightmare for some students, especially for the new students. Most of us probably just overthink about something. We are afraid of the teachers, we are afraid of senior and such. To overcome this condition, JAC school offer a fun and creative activities. Orientation day (red: MPLS) was conducted in July (15-18/7). “we try to overcome the students’ nervous by welcoming them and introduce them to high school life. During this event, we play some games, just like basketball, futsal and such. We will also invite some reputable speakers, such as BNN (National Anti-Narcotics Agency) and police department. Nicholas Daryl, our alumni who is now studying in Ireland, will also come in this event,” Ms Indah explained.
For grade 7 to 9 students all of them were enthusiastically join in basketball games, meanwhile Grade 10 to 12 students they were just enjoying futsal games. The games were chosen as most of Senior students were so fanatic to this game. In line with the senior, Secondary students joined in basketball games since most of them are Basketball student athlete. In the end of the day, all class performed their best talent.
While some students were enjoying the sports and fun games, G7 students must attend to Potential, Passion, and Personality test. “We conduct this test in order to explore and understand each individual. We should know what the students’ talent and potential, so that we will know how to maximize their potential,” Mr Rilie explained.
As we really concern in exploring the students’ talent, Ciputra University was invited to present some of the programmes, just like Food Technology, and such. We offered 5 different classes for students to choose and all of supervised by Ciputra University lecturers. All and all, first day at school will never be nightmare if we know how to overcome it.  (by Ms. Herlina)