Sport Day 2019

JAC SCHOOL, Surabaya – Sports Day as annual activities (29/10-8/11) for High school students, took place in Club Penthouse, Wisata Bukit Mas. It lasts for 9 days, from grade 7 to grade 12 and the activities range from Basketball, Swimming, Handball, and Futsal. The activities which started at 7. 30 and ended at 12, was so enjoyable. “I never have this kind of experience before. This is so much fun and I know how to swim as Mr. Danni teach me how to swim during this activity”, Jovan (G7A) stated. Not only Jovan but also Gisel felt that this activity is so much helpful for her. “I never know how to swim before, but Mr. Danni and my friends teach me how to swim and then we play some ball games,” Gisel (G12) added.
Most competitive games were offered to students in order to sharpening both soft and hard skills. Body coordination and team work, all will be developed through this activity. “Students need to know how to do every movement correctly. If only we just do that at school, I think it won’t be enough. Theory combined with practical, that will be perfect,” Mr. Danni explained. “We play Fill-the-bucket-with-pipe at that time, our team almost win, but unfortunately our members miscommunicate each other and ruin everything”, Brandon (G9B) told us.
They students not only enjoying the games but they also enjoy the facilities. “Last year, we don’t know where to eat because there was no food court. Meanwhile, this year they have food court area and the most important thing is they have beautiful sceneries, so we can take pictures with our friend”, Berlin (G8A student) explained. (by Vania G11)