UNESA English Week

Friday, November 3, 2017

Our students Jennifer Esther, Raven Limadinata, and Karin DJ all from G11, joined Alliance quiz competition held by UNESA for UNESA English Week. It was really a close call for them not to get into the next round as they got the 10th place while the next round only took the top 9. On the same day, Kezia TE from G11 and Jennifer AJ from G10 also joined News Cast competition held by the same university. They were all excited especially for the Alliance team as this was their first time joining this competition. For Jennifer Agnes, this was her first time joining the News Cast competition, she said she was nervous in reading through a teleprompter. For Kezia, this would be her second time joining the competition. There was a problem with the teleprompter so she had to redo her reading as it was too slow.
Kezia won as the Favourite Couple along with a student from SMAN 1 Ponorogo, they were tag-teamed in reading the news. Kezia was happy but she also said that this was her second time in winning in the same category from the same competition last year. This motivates her to do much better next year
Kelsen Laudo from G11 and Andreas Sava from G10 competed in Story-Telling competition held by UNESA on Monday, Nov 6th 2017. Andreas told a story about Angky Yudistia, a deaf female Abang None winner from Jakarta and Kelsen told a story about General Electric CEO, Handry Satriago, who was paralysed from his lymph nodes cancer. Everyone competed very well, Kelsen gave all his best and refused to wear a microphone so he could screamed his emotions out when telling a story about frustrated Handry. We hope that our students will win all the categories in the next competition held next year!