73rd Independence Day Celebration

The independence day celebration was opened by flag ceremony which was followed by all primary students and teachers. Ms Rindya as the speaker gave a short independence speech for the students. The students keep the heroes spirit in their mind in order to reach their future by study hard.
The students followed the competitions enthusiastically and tried their best to be the winner. Some students even felt disappointed when they couldn’t join the tug of war, as this competition has been the most prestigious annual competition in Primary. But they didn’t need to be worry as the class teachers had arranged that every student will take part in the competition.

The winners:

  • Tug of war level P1-P2 Boys: 1) P2A 2) P2D
  • Tug of war level P1-P2 Girls: 1) P2D 2) P2C
  • Tug of war level P3-P4 Boys: 1) P4C 2) P4A
  • Tug of war level P3-P4 Girls: 1) P4A 2) P4D
  • Tug of war level P5-P6 Boys: 1) P6A 2) P5B
  • Tug of war level P5-P6 Girls: 1) P6B 2) P6A
  • Estafet kelereng level P1 : P1A
  • Estafet kelereng level P2 : P2A
  • Estafet kelereng level P3 : P3B
  • Himpit balon level P1 : P1B
  • Himpit balon level P2 : P2B
  • Himpit balon level P3 : P3A
  • Penalty contong level P4-P6: 1) P6A 2) P4A
  • Estafet karung level P4-P6: 1) P5C 2) P6A