Cap Go Meh Celebration

February, 15th, 2019

One Friday morning, the students came to school with bright red clothes. They came to celebrate Cap Go Meh. The students were welcomed by Barongsai performance. The students were so excited to watch the Barongsai. They brought angpao for the Barongsai. One of P5 students even got a pig doll from Barongsai team.
In this celebration, the students had some activities. The activities were class decoration competition (P1-P4), making ronde for P5, marbles estafet using chopstick (P4-P5), puzzle competition (P4-P5) and pig decorating (P6). The class decoration competition was went well. The teachers and students were collaborated well to decorate their class. They made lantern, pictures of barongsai and decorate the door with hanzi. The winner of class decoration were P1 A, P2 C, P3 A and P4 D. Marbles estafet and puzzle competition were held in futsal hall. The class teacher created group for the competition. Each group consisted of 8 students. They showed their enthusiasm when followed the competition. The winner of marbles estafet were P4 B, P5 C and P5 B.
Puzzle competition was followed by all member of the class. They found little difficulties to arrange it. Some classes couldn’t arrange the puzzle properly. The winner of puzzle competition were P5 A, P5 C and P4 A. P5 students made ronde in their class. The class teacher helped them to make the dough and boiled the ronde. After that, they ate the ronde together. P6 students decorated pig’s frame. They cover the frame using newspaper. After that, they painted it but they chose the wrong colour. Lucky we have some expert art teachers to fix the colour. And finally, we proudly display the pig in our lobby.