Cooking class in TRISTAR Institute

JAC school in cooperation with Tristar Culinary Institute Surabaya held kid’s cooking class for P3 students. The location for this fieldtrip was in Jl Kedungbaruk 25-28 Surabaya on 28 and 29 October 2019. Bento creation was our theme for this fieldtrip. This cooking class was started with kitchen and ingredients introduction, as the students really cooked in the real kitchen. Chef Lina as the cooking leader started the activities by making chicken nugget. The students were so excited, as they learned how to make Bento step by step. After they have done with their nugget, Chef Lina prepared some materials to make Bento (rice, vegetables, cheese, and seaweed). The students created their own decoration for their Bento. Woww…. It was so wonderful, they were very creative. All the Bento were so cute and appetizing. Well done, P3!