Fieldtrip P1 to Rumah Pintar Cendekia Juanda and Naval Base Juanda

It was the first P1 Students fieldtrip as a primary student. They were so excited. Visiting Rumah Pintar Cendekia and Naval Base has given a new experience for them. Departing at 7.45 a.m sharp, it took about 1 hour to arrive on the first place.
First thing they saw when we got there was the naval base. Aircraft Naval Base was a Military Base which actually a non-public area. There, we could see many kinds of military aircraft and hovers. We could also get into one of the aircraft and took picture in it. The guide explained that each aircraft had different type. They also actively were being used into a different operation when it was needed.
Next place we visited was Hanggar for the Air force, they saw a lot of air force over there. They were very happy and excited to come inside the air force.
Last place to visit was the outbound area. With its spider web activity, monkey bar rope, flying fox station and other outdoor game, it took their eyes away. They got so excited to join there. The staffs welcomed us and they were divided into two groups. First group was visiting the library; the second group was doing indoor activity such as coloring and watching movie while the last group was having outdoor activity. Each student had their turn to get experience doing flying fox. Out of the expectation, most students were curiously taking the challenge. Only few did not dare to take it.
It took only one hour and a half to wander around the base. We ended our day with a happy smile. Although it was really a hot sunny day, but the children never lost their smile. They had their lunch on the way back to school. What a great experience for them and they could not wait for the next field trip.