Fieldtrip P6 to Koarmatim

JAC primary in cooperation with Pangkalan Angkatan Laut held Fieldtrip for P6. The students went to Pangkalan AL on Wednesday, 8th October 2019. The tour guide formal was ready to leas our fieldtrip. The first place to visit was KRI Dewa Ruci. The guide explained all about the ship. It was shipping around the world. Next, Pak Lius as the guide, brought us to MONJAYA. We watched a video about the history of the struggle of Indonesian people. P6 students also visited the rooftop of monument, in which we were able to see Surabaya’s environment. We also had opportunity to visit Museum Loca Jaya Crana. All the historical stuffs were in this museum. All of P6 students were so very enthusiastic with this fiedtrip.