Multiple Intelligence Competition 2019

The world is too competitive. Just having a good education is not enough for success. Creativity and innovation are necessary for the future. Creativity and talent are in one package because without talent, it is impossible to be creative.
The Multiple Intelligence Competition (MIC) is currently one of the most important events of the school year in JAC. The aim of the MIC is to create a good spirit of the students from different age to work together to tackle a new challenge.
The competition was held for two days. In the first day, there were English, Math, Bahasa and Computer competitions held by JAC. Then, in the second day, some of competitions held by Proactive Kids (Mulia Brothers). The competition were; Modern Dance, Soccer Challenge, Got Talent, and Coloring, and some of competition will be held by JAC (Free Throw and Mading).
All of the students had to follow competition in MIC day one. But, in the second day of MIC, they could choose the competition based on their talent.
The idea: The purpose of the event, as said before, is to create an event where students can build a good spirit to tackle different type’s intelligence or talents. The competition is based on Howard Gardner’s theories about multiple intelligence. He believes that everyone is good at something, and that humans have different ways of processing information. He identified eight types of intelligence: logic-mathematical, musical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and bodily/kinesthetic.
Prizes: The first, second and third place’s prizes for MIC Day 1 are medallion from JAC. Then, the winner from MIC Day 2 will get the prize from Proactive Kids (Mulia Brothers). Awards and trophy are also granted for Free Throw (P3-P6) and Mading (P4-P6) competition which were held by JAC.

As some of competition from MIC Day 2 were held by Proactive Kids (Mulia Brothers), there were the Grand Final for Free Throw (P1-P2), Got Talent, Coloring and Modern Dance. The grand final was held on Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd February 2019 in Ciputra World Surabaya.
For the Grand Final of Coloring Competition, JAC School got the 1st Place (Alexia Noelle Ruyvier) and 1st Favourite Place (Marceline). And for the Grand Final Modern Dance Competition, JAC School also got the 1st Place (VJC Group) and 1st Favorite Place (Heartbeat Group).
This MIC event is considered as a good and nice change in the education program and change for the students and teachers. The competitions are also a competition between groups in cooperation and partnership. There is always much joy in the school when the competitions are held. And it will be happen again next year.