Thursday, October 19, 2017

Let’s we go field trip primary!!
In this moment JAC Primary Surabaya just visited some public places around Surabaya for their field trip. As we know every semester, primary level will not only study in their class but they also study to aware their environment.
Last Thursday, 19th October 2017 Primary one with 82 students just visited Rumah Pintar Cendekia and Hanggar Pesawat Lanudal Juanda. Our purpose of course to make students fun in every time they have learned. What they do in Rumah Pintar and Hanggar Pesawat Lanudal Juanda?
Our first journey we visited Hanggar Pesawat Lanudal Juanda. They learnt about kind of planes. One of them is a war plane that our TNI (Tentara Negara Indonesia) used to keep NKRI (Negara kesatuan Republik Indonesia).
Our second journey was in Rumah Pintar Cendekia. There were so many fun activities there. First we entered library to make them understand what library is for and of course to read some books, then we watched education movie, coloured pictures and played flying fox. “It’s awesome Field trip” just said one of students as it was her first time played flying fox. But not all students tried flying fox as some felt afraid for height.