P2 Fieldtrip to Bogasari Surabaya

How to make doughnut?

It was a sunny day greeting us on early morning. It looks like the weather also support P2 fieldtrip in Bogasari Surabaya
P2 students had been so excited to join this fieldtrip as some students couldn’t wait to eat the doughnut. They had been ready at 7.15 am and they went to bus on 7.35 a.m. They watched making doughnut tutorial which prepared by class teacher.
It was almost 45 minutes to reach our destination as the traffic was so crowded pass.
At the first time, they started the activity with explanation from the chef. They explained about all the ingredients needed to make doughnut. We needed two kinds of flour, high protein flour and baking flour, this combination would make the doughnut softer texture. Next is fine sugar as the sweetener. We could use any kinds of sweetener instead of fine sugar it was not only to give flavor to our doughnut but also to help the dough rise. One important note was not put more than 20% sweetener to our doughnut dough so it would not burn during frying process. Next, coming some yeast, some salt, water and butter.
The students really enjoyed the fieldtrip in Bogasari Surabaya and they also could get knowledge about how to bake soft and delicious donut.
The last destination, we ate at Tugu Pahlawan Museum Park area, it was really unforgettable lunch time with friends and teachers in a beautiful Tugu pahlawan Garden. What a Wonderful Fieldtrip P2!!