P6 Field Trip to Kebun Sayur Organic & TVRI Surabaya

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

That was a cloudy day greeting us on early morning. Its looks like the weather also fit for the P6 fieldtrip in kebun Sayur Organik Surabaya. Because if the sun was shining so strong, it would be hard to enjoy planting there.
P6 students had been so excited to join this fieldtrip as some student’s parents asked them to buy the vegetables in Kebun Sayur organic Surabaya. They had been ready at 7.00 am and they went to bus at 7.15 am. So, we could go there on time.
Its needed almost one hour to reach there as the way was so crowded and difficult for bus to pass. We just arrived there at 8.30 am.
For the first time, they started with explanation from the guide. They explained about how to plan hydroponic vegetables. They needed a media for planting, it looks like a wood but softer, it called as wood rock. In that media, they had to made a hole and put the seed one by one. One hole was only for one seed. After they finished, they put it into pipe with flowing water. The water was mixed with plan nutrition. So, it would be able to grow up and became a healthy vegetable.
The vegetables were also sprayed with natural potion to avoid insects. From there, we could get the healthy vegetable to bring home. And the students also could buy the vegetable ice cream for those who didn’t like the vegetable.
The students really enjoyed the fieldtrip in Kebun Sayur Organik Surabaya and they also could get knowledge about how to plan the vegetable without the soil.

TVRI Surabaya was one of historical TV channel which still provided educational program for the audience. They built TVRI Surabaya on 1979 by the government. They classified the TV program based on the audience. There were Kids channel, Teenagers channel, and Adult channel.
P6 students arrived in TVRI at 11.00 am. They were greeted by Mrs Hasta and straightly went to Studio 1 for having explanation about the company profile of TVRI. After that, they had Question and Answer session about how the way the news could be played in TV, how the way to record a news in the mountain, why in TVRI there was no cartoon serial, and etc. The student wanted to know more about the shooting studio, so they went around the TVRI while listening the guidance by Mr Hadi from TVRI. They went to Studio 2, Studio 3, Sound Effect room, General effect room, and the last was having lunch together in Pendopo TVRI.
They felt happy as this day was their last fieldtrip in Primary. They ate together, played together, and laugh together. This fieldtrip was running well.