Primary Christmas Celebration 2018

On December 14, 2018, at the Atrium of Supermal Pakuwon Surabaya, a Christmas celebration was held with the collaboration of Pakuwon and JAC Primary. The activity went well, although there was a delay in the start of the event due to the extra time given by the mall management to the school that performed before JAC. However, it does not interfere Primary students’ performance. They all had performed well and confidently.
In this celebration, all P1 students performed for the first time as primary students. Some of them did a fashion show while the other danced and sang a song. Not only P1, mini orchestra from P4 and P6 band also amused the audience with the popular songs they brought. The visitors of Supermal also stopped by when high school dance team performed. Still a dance performance, Gabriel (P4D), Celline (P4C) and Vienna (P5A) put a smile on the audience’s face when they were showing their cute dance.
And finally, we would like to thank all who had taken part in our Christmas celebration. See you on the other celebration!!!