On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, there was Story Telling competition held by Dinas Perpustakaan Surabaya . Most of students are very enthusiastic to show their talent. The students have to deliver the story in Bahasa Indonesia attractively to win this competition. They also prepare for the music background and properties. It’s very challenging competition as most of the performance are stunning. And all of them want to be the winner.
When the judges announced the winner , most of the students, parents , teachers were giving a big applause. Congratulations to Fika Zakiya as the 1st winner of Bahasa Indonesia Story telling competition . She got trophy , certificate and some money. The Head of Dinas Perpustakaan Kota Surabaya gave the award to all winners. What an awesome achievement ! Great job highschoolers! See you on the upcoming event.
Keep growing and shining with JAC.