Level: 1-6

Our Primary Curriculum using K-13 syllabus from Diknas to prepare the students pass UN. We also provide enrichment program for English and Math (Cambridge & Singapore) so the students able to take any international test.



  1. SHUN Sekolah Dasar from DIKNAS (National Certificate)
  2. JAC School Certificate
  3. YLE University of Cambridge (UK)
  4. Mandarin (YCT) International Certificate   *JAC Surabaya only

Class Schedules

5 days a week  (Monday–Friday)

Primary Activities

  1. Multiple intelligence competition
  2. National competition
  3. Character building camp
  4. Educational Visits
  5. Project Presentations
  6. Annual School Concert
  7. Extracurricular::
    – Sports (Badminton, Taekwondo, Wushu)
    – Music (Percussion)
    – Robotic
    – Art by Hadiprana®
  8. Club:
    Religion-Club (Christian, Moslem)