Choir Competition 2019

Surabaya- JAC High school choir team won the first prize for their very first time participated in Choir competition (17/10). Took place in Tunjungan Plaza Convention Hall, the competition participated by High School choir teams throughout Surabaya. Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen) which rearrangement by Ms Maya (as the coach) and Ms Rilie (as the choir manager) stole the judges and audiences’ attention. Most of our students were able to intepret the meaning of the song through their mimics, which is one of the most important things to win the competition. “the song is pretty popular, we watch the movie before and to be honest this is not our first time to perform this song. Last year, during our concert, we also sing this song even we did theatrical show. It was more dramatic because we need to act as Spartan and Persian who went to battlefield,” Kresna (G11) recalled his memory. “When I listen to this, the song stuck in my head. Bohemian Rhapshody is one of the coolest song I’ve ever heard, I found out that Queen presenting some languages in this song, I’m not sure how many of it, I just notice Arabic also included. Well for western song this is unique and I am so proud to be the part of this choir team,” Nicholas Reinard explained. “I hope we can participate in higher level, so we will experience the heat of real choir competition, just like National competiton maybe. I’m not saying that I’m being so arrogrant, but you know experiencing the more competitive one will encourage us to do better and work harder which in the end it will level up our skill,” Christoper (G12) explained excitingly.
However, ‘hard work and patience never betray result’ seems presenting the circumstance. Our students need to practice almost everyday, not only for singing but also for gesture and mimics, to make their performance perfect. They have to practice for about a month under supervision of ms Rilie and coached by Ms Maya. “Well eventhough we need to practice almost everyday but it seems fun for me and I’m fine with that. Well you know, sometimes we need to skip some lesson only to practice, but luckily all teachers really support us. They give us additional class to catch up the material,” Dylan explained. “I know that I am not good enough as singer so after school I always practice at home. I just make sure that I memorise the lyrics. I want to make my teachers proud of me and thanks God, we did it,” Stanney told us during interview.
Meanwhile, on the competition day, all students went to Tunjungan Plaza, early in the morning for rehearsal. Around 6.30 all members, wearing white shirt, were ready to go. Assisted by Ms Evi and Ms Rilie, the choir did rehearsal for 2 hours. They were coming back to school to attend in class but they were permitted to go home around 12 for preparation. The competition were started at 7 pm yet our students need to get ready at 5. “My teachers and my mother help to do make up also dress up. I never do make up before. Thank you teachers,” Vania explained. At 7 sharp the competition began and all participants andjudges were all ready. “most of them were amazing, I am so nervous. The good thing is we are the last, so we can practice before. One thing for sure, we can evaluate others’ performance,” Celine share her story to us. “It was so amazing yet pleasing, one of the best moment in my life” explained Valencia (G11, social student). “They did a great job and the performace was fantastic,” added Ms. Diya (G11, homeroom teacher). “They are the best, they really did a hard work. I’m so proud of them”, Ms Rilie added. Good job, Choir team! (By Ms. Herlina)