Christmas Celebration 2019

I don’t care about the presents. Underneath the Christmas tree…
I just want you for my own. More than you ever know. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you..
On that Friday morning (13/12), all teachers and students were busy preparing one of high school annual events, Christmas and New Year celebration. “The theme for this year celebration is White Christmas and Glorious New Year. Most of decorations are painted in gold, blue, and white. The dress code will only be Gold or White only, as we are expecting the glorious year of 2020,” Ms. Herlina, the event coordinator explained. Around 10.45 in the morning, all lessons were ended and all performers were busy changing their clothes. “This year performance is about flash mob, particularly flash dance. It’s kinda new since we never tried this before,” Vincent Lukito, the Student Council president added. Ms. Ratna, as the MC, initiated the celebration by counting down and continued by kaleidoscope of JAC High School. The warm and joyful ambience was suddenly swept-in the Futsal Hall. All secondary and High schoolers were waiting excitedly for Secret Santa and continued to Potluck Party. “We are having lunch together, I get super cute pens and erasers from my Secret Santa. I took this cute cookies”, Hazel giggled and showed her presents.
After having Potluck Party and Secret Santa, the students got ready to perform their flash dance. Various colour of clothes and Christmas accessories wore by our students during performance. “We have Jessica Ruth, so before performing the dance, she will sing and we will follow after”, Bryan, G7 student added. Each of classes has a very unique performance. G12 students, which the only class who wore uniformed- T-shirt, also successfully grabbed people’s attention, “We had this choreography before during orientation day, so it is easier for us to add some additional”, Jennifer Agnes, one of G12 student explained. Meanwhile, Idellene, one of G11 student who also member of JAC Squad, added that she and some other friends also feel fun during dance exercise. “Well.. you know, some people feel awkward as this is their first time to dance and most of G11 member are boys. So we, sometimes, need to shout in order to make them to pay attention, but somehow it make us get closer and all paid off as we got the first prize,” Idellene explained.
After all 9 classes performed, Ms. Ratna finally announced the winner who will continue to the final stage at Ciputra Mall on Saturday. There are 5 classes which would continue to the final round, those are G11 (the first winner of High School Flash mob), G12 (the favourite team), G9B (the first winner of Secondary), G8A (second winner), and last but not least G8B (the favourite team from Secondary). Unfortunately, most of G12 members couldn’t participate in the next stage , so that G10 is replacing them.
Congratulation for all winner G11, G12, G8A, G8B, and G9B! may joy and glorious New Year warmth our heart.