Edufun Jawa Pos

JAC School, Surabaya –  Jawa Pos held a competition in November 2020. It is known as Edufun competition . There are five competition categories for students, they are TikTok kids challenge, coloring competition, storytelling competition, creative OOTD with mom and dance competition. At secondary level, there are several students who participated to this event. One of them is Earlene Brianne Engracia from G7B. She took part in story telling competition and she used ‘Timun Mas’ story to impress judges and audiences. It successfully gave her 1st place as the winner of Edufun story telling competition. Other students from JAC School who joined to dance competition individually are Valerie Wang from G7C and Michele Chan from G12. Michele Chan was so happy because her effort to show her amazing talent in dancing gave her 3rd place as the winner of dance competition. The 1st winner of dance competition was taken by secondary level dance group, they are Celine Gabriele Naharto (G7A), Gracia Vania Liem (G7B), Hanz Axel Dharmawan (G7C) and Xaverio Jeremiah Hansen (G8A).  Those achievements are the greatest things that JAC school Surabaya’s students achieved to close the year of 2020. Big applause!