Erlangga English Speech Competition 2020

JAC school, Surabaya – Some students from G7 to G9 were participating to Erlangga English speech competition which was held from March to October 2020. They were Earlene (G7), Benecia (G8), Gaby C (G8), Xaverio (G8), Olivia (G8), Filio (G8), Raia (G9) and Fika (G9). The competition was held online by uploading video contained of their speech to youtube and instagram. The committee provided several topics to be chosen as the theme of their speech. The competition was tough. Many contestants tried to show their best talent. It took almost 2 weeks preparation for the contestant to upload their video. With plenty advices, suggestions and discussions, the 8 contestants was confidently joined to the competition. From 8 contestants, 3 students was successfully went to semifinal round. They were Fika, Xaverio and Earlene. The committee asked to use the same topics that the contestants used in preliminary round. In final round, Earlene and Xaverio were succeeded to get 2nd winner and 3rd winner of Erlangga English speech in north area of East Java. Congratulations! Grow and Shine with JAC.