G10 Edu Visit to PT Arwana Ceramics

Gresik, January 24th, 2019

On 24th of January 2019, 10th grade students of JAC school held an EDU trip to PT Arwana Ceramics. All of us that accompanied by class teachers were so excited throughout the day. They learnt so many things, from history of the company to the ceramics production process. We found out that, this company has five branches which located in Indonesia. Those five branches are called “Plant” by the owner. The first Plant is located in Tangerang. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd Plant are based in Gresik. The 4th and 5th other branches are located in Ogan Ilir and Mojokerto. According to the explanation, we found out that Gresik is the largest of all. Back then, PT. Arwana Ceramics was awarded as “THE TOP 14 BIGGEST CERAMICS TILE MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD”. According to Mr. Tandean Rustandy, the founder and CEO of ARWANA Ceramics, his company’s vision is to be the best manufacture in ceramic industry with strive in invention and innovation as well as provide a great deal of contribution for our country’s development.
Most of the time, PT. Arwana has at least 1 to 2 days-stock-of-ceramics in their warehouse to fulfill the high demand of selling. In this digital era, PT Arwana also provides an application that can be downloaded and easily accessed in Playstore and Appstore for their customer and distributors throughout the world. There are some features available on this app, mainly for ordering and purchasing their ceramics products. This app really helps them to promote as well as get in touch with their customers.
JAC students were so happy to visit the company. “We were exploring new things and it is totally different to our school subjects. We finally knew the ceramics process as so on, but the most important thing, we know that the result will never betray the effort”, Sasa. (Written by Naura G10)