G10 Gathering in Trawas

Gathering event is a great opportunity to celebrate togetherness that has been built for years. It is a chance to keep the bond strong and spend fun times together. Having a good time together after being close for 3 years as classmates, G10 students decided to go to Trawas as part of their annual event. It was held from 17th to 18th May 2019. There were 25 students and 5 teachers who joined the event and got amazing experience sleeping in capsule rooms at Whiz Hotel, Trawas, Mojokerto. They swam together in the swimming pool, did some fun games, morning tracking and gave testimonial about their learning experience in JAC.
Celebrating togetherness is not the main purpose of the event. Since G10 students are preparing to go to university, we decided that theme of the gathering is something related to their future. ‘The Best of Me is Yet to Come.’ It is the suitable quotes to represent the spirit of G10 togetherness. Together, we will a have a better future. This event provides them with a session where they can share their testimonial and their ideas about their learning experience in JAC School and what their plans after graduation. G10 students started to realize that they need to think about their future as soon as possible. By following this event, hopefully, G10 students are able to find inspiration and spirit to have better career path. (Ms. Octaviani Hermina)