G11 Field Trip to Yakult Factory

Mojokerto, January 21st, 2019

It was a one fine Monday morning (21/1) when G11 students of JAC School Surabaya started their Edu Trip to one of Indonesia’s famous product, Yakult factory. “The purpose of this trip is not only to give our students an entertainment or week day get away, but also to give them additional knowledge other than the knowledge they got from school,” explained Ms. Lita as our class teacher.

It took 2 hours to reach Yakult Factory in Mojorketo, the students (which are 17 students) and class teacher, were welcomed by the Yakult spokesperson. They gave us welcome drink and he also explained and answered our questions related to Yakult process. The following activity was factory tour to observe the drink process as well as fermentation. We were so excited at that time. The Yakult representative was so awesome, as he explained all of the process clearly. “The Edutrip to Yakult was so fun, I enjoyed the activities and the most important thing, we got 3 bottles of Yakult for free”, said Sava G11 student. (Written by Charlene – G11)