G8 Field Trip to The Command Centre

When it come to a trip all joy and laughter always swipe in our mind. Whilst, educating students should be some experience which can bring up brand new experiences and ideas, also knowldge. During this term, JAC are packing up those 2 expectations into our annual programme called EDU TRIP.
Edu trip as one of JAC annual programme for our students in order to experience them with something exciting out of classroom boredom, was taking place in Command Centre. The one-stop-service building is very popular among citizens with their advance technology. G8A students who luckily went to the mall on Wednesday (15/1) and G8B on the following, are assisted by their homeroom teachers. Our students were welcomed by Public Relation officer and assisted to Command Centre office. In this room, they learn how our City Mayor, Bu Risma (Tri Rismaharini) watches Surabaya and make sure everything is under controlled. Starting from monitor room where all surveillance cameras throughout Surabaya shows real-time situation. “This room is like “the eyes” as we know all sort of condition in Surabaya, by using this cameras we can control everything from traffic light to informing our ERT to avoid any potential damage or violence around the area,” one the officer explained to our students. Further, he also explained about Emergency team whom support us help for any emergency situation. “You just need to dial 1-1-2 and report your emergency situation within minutes the team will come and help, it works just like 911”, he explained. The emergency dial number which currently becomes the most dialed number in Surabaya, links to ERT (Emergency Response team). This Emergency response Team consists of officers across departments, Firefighters, Police, Medics, and such. “You know what, I never knew we have this emergency number just like US. They have 911 and we have 112, that’s cool!” Melly explained excitedly.
Moving on to the next area is the Koridor,a co-working space for citizens to gather up and discuss the current issues in Surabaya. Our City Mayor, provides a very comfortable, lively, chill, and interactive area. Not only discussion spot but also private area (area with cubicle) for those who need to avoid noisy situation. “This area really grabbed our students’ attention, they can’t stop taking photo and selfie” Ms Indah, G8A homeroom teacher told us her experience. Free internet and CPU also provided in this café-like place. “If only I knew this place before, I will come and spend sometimes, especially during homework day. This place is so much cozy and I believe you will never get stressed out eventhough you are buried under homework and tests,” Glenn explained while laughing. People can spend time as much as they want as this place opens for 24 hours.
Last but not least, Surabaya Museum which exhibits historical items and old photos of Surabaya. From ancient vehicle to Wayang, as our City Mayor aims to promote and introduce the culture of Surabaya. “I never knew Angguna before and I don’t have any idea how they looks like back then on the road, well maybe they just vanished before I noticed,” Kevin explained. In this museum our students learn a lot about how far our city developed through the years. “Eventhough a rapid development occurred in our city, but some building still well-preserved and one of them is this, SIOLA building,” the officer explained. In this room, our students can also notice how awesome Surabaya is, as Bu Risma also sets all trophies of achievement National-International awards. “We never been so proud before to live in Surabaya, but now I just see that Surabaya is awarded as one of the best cities in the world, that must be cool!” Jennifer Lam explained excitedly. “Siola building really attracts our students since the first time they arrived, they learned a lot from history to technology, they are amazed by the facilities,” Mr Handa, G8B homeroom teacher told us.