G9 Edutrip 2019

JAC High School Surabaya – PT Arwana Citramulya Ceramics is G9 destination for this year Edu trip (11/12). Leaving at 7.15 by bus and supervised by Mr. Fery, Ms. Dila, Ms. Ratna, and Ms. Ayu, as G9 Homeroom teachers. It took 1.5 hours to reach the factory which is built in 1998. “I was so amazed with the layout of the factory because they have fish ponds. They are so go-green factory, and it is new for me,” Brandon explained. Upon arrival in the ceramics factory, the students were welcomed by production manager. She explained the 4 processes of ceramics production. “Among those 4 processes, I guess the defects checking is the most interesting since they have special pen which integrates with the machine. The pen just like highlighter and vibrate so fast even it bounds the ink but eventually it creates a pattern, the special one”, Matthew Regan added. The factory tour which lasted for 1 hour, experienced the students with new insight. They never realized that manufacturing tiles will be that complicated. Start from Roll breaking, for quality control, and then defects checking by using special highlighter which controlled by 1 experience staff, and last but not least, is final checking to make sure the quality for each production is based on their standard.” One thing for sure that really catch our intention, we don’t need superman but we need super team, their banner stated”, Ms. Dila explained.