JAC High School Sport Day

Surabaya, November 13-16, 2017

JAC Sport Day was an exhilirating ride from 13-16 November 2017. Highschool students were extremely pleased and excited with this event and it was smooth as ever. The excitement was also accompanied with amazing atmosphere around.
In the fantastic event Highschool students were swimming in “ Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom” and the event took place early in the morning at 08.00 – 12.00. In the event students who participate are taught about basic swimming styles and play water polo- a popular water sports which involves people throwing the ball and putting in into the opposition’s net. They also were playing on water slide . The slides were long but nevertheless , it was breathtaking.
Overall , the highschool sport day was about swimming and fantastic as always.
Amazing atmospheres just makes the event even more memorable . Surely, the Highschoolers will miss this event and gladly join the next.
(by Yoseph Kevin – G9A)