Congratulations for all winners of Language Festival 2017

Surabaya, November 18, 2017

Every year we always encourage our students to follow this annual event which was held by Pusat Bahasa Universitas Negeri Surabaya on Saturday 18 November 2017. It’s attended by most of Junior High School students in East Java. This event is to challenge the participants and nurture their language skill especially English. They are Spelling, Story Telling etc.
Finally, we came out as the winner. Here they are:
– Celine Natasha Purnomo (G9A) as The Favourite winner of Spelling Bee
– Kyara Gesar (G7A) as The 3rd winner of Spelling Bee
– Naura Iqbar H. (G9A) as The 2nd winner of Story telling
Thank you for your best effort.
Grow and Shine with JAC.