JAC Preschool Christian Club

Every saturday

JAC School has an activity for Christian religion, Christian Club. This activity is held every Saturday from 9 AM to 10.30 AM. The content of this club is started with praying, singing worship song, word of God and other activities; such as coloring, cutting, attaching, bread shaping and doing games. There are two big events in Christian Club, Christmas and Easter.
Christmas Celebration is started with praying, singing, and word of God which is presented using stage puppet. We also invited children to bring 5 pcs of foods. The food was kept in one class to be eaten after the Christmas celebration. They shared their food to their friends and teachers.
On Easter Celebration, we encouraged the children to bring an egg(s) that has been decorated at home as family project. The celebration is started with praying, singing, word of God, Easter Eggs hunting, family project winner announcement, group photo, and goodies distribution.