Kindergarten-1 Parent Workshop

Saturday, August 03, 2019

JAC School Kindergarten held workshop for Kindergarten 1 parents on 03 August 2019. There were 52 parents from Kindergarten 1 Kelapa Gading and 9 parents from Kindergarten 1 Sherwood joined the workshop. Workshop was running well. We started at 09.10 and finished at 10.30.
Ms. Wiwied explained all about JAC and Kindergarten procedures. Then Ms. Yapin continued to explain about calendar activity and Kindergarten 1 goals in English lesson, Math lesson and Bahasa.
There were 5 questions from Joti’s dad, Shawn’s Dad, Ghanindra’s dad, Monica’s mom and Dhiaa’s dad. Joti’s dad asked about “can a child who has a cold cough go to school?” and “is there any simulations of emergencies to children”, Shawn dad asked about “Can parents see CCTV?”, Ghanindra’s dad asked about “how is the completion of the teacher in class if there is a conflict between children?”, Monica’s mom asked about “if the teachers who are sick, are teachers given the same treatment when sick as wearing a mask?”, and Dhiaa’s dad asked about “is there p3k team at school?”. Ms. Adel answered all the questions. (Ms Yapin)