K2 Parents Workshop

Jakarta, August 26, 2017

JAC School Kindergarten held workshop for Kindergarten 2 parents on 26 August 2017. We held 2 sessions, first session for Kindergarten 2 Kelapa Gading and the second session for Kindergarten 2 Sherwood. There were 45 parents from Kindergarten 2 Kelapa Gading and 18 parents from Kindergarten 2 Sherwood joined the workshop. Workshop was running well.
We started the first session at 08.00 and finished 30 minutes earlier than the schedule. We started the second session 30 minutes earlier at 10.10 and finished at 11.05.
Ms. Dian explained about Kindergarten 2 goals in English lesson, Math lesson and Bahasa. Also reminded parents about Kindergarten procedures. Then Mr. Agus continued to explain about JAC Primary.
There was no question from first session workshop. And there were 3 questions from Catherine’s Mom, Hugo’s Dad and Rafael’s dad from the second session. They all were asked about our JAC Primary. Catherine’s Mom asked about “How many children in each class?”, Hugo’s dad asked about “How long is the snack time” and Rafael’s dad asked about “How will JAC School respond about full day school?”. Mr. Agus answered all the questions.