Kindergarten 1 Cookery Making Healthy Cheesy Corn

Jakarta, Thursday, 6 September 2018

Kindergarten 1 made healthy cheesy corn, as our thematic, healthy food, during term 1. Teachers had prepared some ingredients for making healthy cheesy corn. There were boiled corn, cheese, milk and margarine. We divided the cookery time into 2 sessions on that day. First session was K1A and K1B which held in K1B class and Ms. Vina was the chef on this session. It was started on 08.30-9.30. Second session was K1C and K1D which held in K1C class and Ms. Tike was the chef on this session. It was started on 10.30-11.30.

First, Ms. Vina and Ms. Tike showed and mentioned all ingredients to make healthy cheesy corn to children. Then they showed step by step to make cheesy corn. Children also involved in that activity by helping teachers peeling the boiled corn, grating the cheese, pouring milk and also mixing all the ingredients. But before helping the teachers, they had to wash their hands.

After that, teachers shared the cheesy corn to children and asked them to taste it. They love the healthy cheesy corn. (Ms Yapin)