Kindergarten Field Trip to Ragunan Zoo

Jakarta, Thursday, 10 October 2019

On Thursday, 10 October 2019. Kindergarten 2 on a fieldtrip. We introduced zoo animal that lived in Jakarta as our thematic lesson. We departed from JAC School by using 2 big buses at 07. 30 and arrived at Ragunan Zoo at 08.45. After arriving at the zoo, bought some tickets and went on a train. Teachers asked children the various animals that live at the zoo. Children was very excited to see the animals, such as lion, tiger, deer, eagle and other animals.

First, we went to see the elephant, we took picture in front of their enclosure and we continue our tour to see the giraffes. The children was so excited to see the giraffes. They were so tall and beautiful. Next we went to see the lions and tigers. The lions were taking a nap when we got there. The tigers were playing and cuddling there were so cute.

We also went to the bird cage, it was so big, and the birds was so many and we could see eagles, the owl was sleeping, and beautiful peacock, unfortunately the peacocks were not in the mood to spread their beautiful tail feathers. We also saw parrots and the famous Jalak Bali, Rangkok and so many more. All of them are unique and beautiful.
Next we went to monkeys cage, both the children and the monkeys were so excited to see each other. The monkey jumped all around, and making noise when we got there.

We completed our tour by seeing the big cats such as Leopard, Jaguard, Black Pather.

The children were very excited on our trip. Hopefully we can see them next time. The world has beautiful creatures we need to preserved and love. (Ms Wanty)