Kindergarten Independence Day Celebration

Jakarta, Tuesday, 13 August 2019

As usually, every August all Indonesian celebrate their Independence Day . JAC School Kindergarten also celebrate Independence Day. The celebration was held on 13 August 2019. All children, Kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2, joined the celebration. We had some fun games. K1 children joined racing ball with the spoon and K2 children racing gunny sack . K2 students also recite Pancasila text as the Indonesian State Ideology. Every K2 class recited it together.
We just love to sing ”Indonesia Raya”, “Hari Merdeka“ and “Maju Tak Gentar “. We also asked children to bring traditional food and introduced the name of each traditional food they brought, so the children learnt kind of our traditional food and knew the name of traditional food.
After introduced the traditional foods, children ate and shared them with friends.
All children enjoyed all the activities. They learnt how to be sportive in competition and games and the children also learnt to be respectful about the difference among them and we proud to be Indonesian. (Ms. Kiki & Ms. Ermin)