Kindergarten-2 Field Trip to Ragunan Zoo

Jakarta, October 12-13, 2017

We went to the Ragunan Zoo on Thursday – Friday, 12 – 13 October 2017, as our thematic was zoo. We visited Ragunan Zoo because we wanted to introduce our local zoo in Jakarta. We went to Ragunan Zoo by using a big bus at 7:30 and arrived there at 9.00. We explored the zoo by the train and saw so many animals, there were giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, leopards, orangutans, monkeys, snakes, tortoises, pelicans and birds.
The children mentioned the name of those animals, as they have learnt at school and some of them asked about what are their food. The teacher explained about animals’ food, for example: monkey and orangutan eat banana, giraffe and elephant eat grass, lion, tiger, leopard and snake eat meat, pelican eats fish. They also learnt the habitat of the animals. Teacher explained where is the living place of the animals.
Teachers explained to children the different of the animals such as lizard and crocodile, orangutan and monkey, tiger and leopard, tortoise and turtle. Teacher explained that all the animals in the zoo are forbidden to be kept at home. The children also learnt to follow the instruction and didn’t break the rules in the zoo, for example keep the area of the zoo clean, stay in the group, and cannot touch the animals or feed them without permission.
The children were so very happy knowing more about animals, by seeing them in the zoo directly. They went back to the school at 10.30 from Ragunan Zoo and arrived at school by 11.30. They went home with a new experience and happy.