Thursday, August 3, 2017

JAC School Kindergarten celebrated Lebaran and Independence Day. The celebration was held on 3 August 2017. All children, Kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2, joined the celebration. We had games and competition for children. K1 children joined relay flag and K2 children recite Pancasila text and prayer for parents competition.
The winner for reciting Pancasila text are Keisya (K1B) as the 1st winner, Mikayla (K1D) as the 2nd winner, and Clement (K1A) as the 3rd winner. And the winner for reciting prayer for parents are Raffasya as the 1st winner, Khansa as the 2nd winner and Naura as the 3rd winner.
Besides did the competition, we also sang “17 Agustus“ and “Selamat Lebaran“ song. We also invited children to bring traditional food for our traditional food festival, so the children learnt kind of our traditional food and what are they made of.
The traditional food festival was held in each class and class teachers explained each of traditional food they brought, then ate it together. Their shared their food to their friends and teachers.
All children enjoyed all the activities. They learnt how to be sportive in competition and games and the children also learnt to be respectful about the difference among them. These following pictures are the activities of our celebration.