Jakarta, October 19 & 24, 2017

Chocolate is delicious as always. Playgroup 2 went to Dapur Cokelat to learn about chocolate and experience the kitchen. We have never seen the kitchen which has so many chocolate 😊. Mr. Iba, the chef, welcomed us and showed us how to process chocolate into cake, choco balls, candy, lollipop, and and so much more choco snacks.

We were so excited to see and experience Dapur Cokelat. The Chef kindly gave us chance to to make our own lollipop, Choco ball and decorate cupcake. We are so delighted. I can’t wait to show my mom my chocolate work.

And it’s been a wonderful time we spent in Dapur Cokelat. We brought home our lollipop, Choco ball and cupcake. The sun seems shine brighter with chocolate snacks on your hand isn’t it? Thank you Dapur cokelat, see you next time.