Chinese New Year 2019

Jakarta, 12 February 2019

Kindergarten Chinese New Year was held on 12 February 2019. All children, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 joined the celebration. We had games and competition for children. K1 children had singing mandarin song competition.
The winners for the fashion show were Hannah (K1B) as the 1st winner, Cayla (K1A) as the 2nd winner and Andrea (K1C) as the 3rd winner. The winners for singing mandarin competition were Felicia (K2B) as the 1st winner, Felicia Irena (K2C) as the 2nd winner and Warren (K2A) as the 3rd winner. Besides we did the competition, we also sang “Gong Xi Gong Xi” song and had eating noodles.
All the children enjoyed all the activities. They learned how to be sportive in competition and games and the children also learned to be respectful about the difference among them. (Ms. Rini)