Heroes Day PG

Heroes’ Day Celebration held on 13th November 2019 at JAC Sherwood. It started on 08:00 – 09:30 for PG1 and 08:00-10:00 for PG2 with total 26 children were joined.
JAC Sherwood introduces heroes to children in “Heroes’ Day Celebration”. Heroes’ Day Celebration is perfect time for explaining the meaning of Heroes in children real life. This event helps children to recognize all persons that be heroes in their environment.
We, as teachers, introduced heroes in real life to children by teachers were wearing fireman, doctor, nurse, police, zoo keeper and teacher costumes. Teachers also mentioned parents as heroes because parents help them to grow well.
In this event, children also did 2 kind of competitions, such as “Colouring Competition” and “Fashion Show Competition”. In each competition, the winners are 3 persons with 6 winners totally. All children were happy and started to know that all persons they meet can be heroes.