KG Christmas Celebration

Ding.. Dong.. Ding.. Everybody sings to the new born King!
Ho.. ho.. ho.. It’s Christmas Day!
December is a month that full of decorations on trees, house-tops, or fence posts. Bells are ringing. Songs are playing.
Joyfulness comes through this moment. Everybody likes sharing this special moment with their special persons on their lives.
JAC School also shares this moment with all children and teachers. On JAC School, Christmas Celebration that held on 3 December 2019 started from 7.30 for K2 and 10.30 for K1.
Children were happy when they didi some performance such as angkulung, dancing, and singing. They laughed and danced togethr. Their happiness was increased on gift-exchange session. They were grateful for the present they got as they wanted to show their loves, like on our Christmas Celebration theme “Love Each Other”.
Thats how this celebration theme keeps on over ther mind and heart.
Merry Christmas, everyone!