Kindergarten 2 Field Trip to Ragunan Zoo

Jakarta, 11 October 2018

We visited Ragunan Zoo because we wanted to introduce our local zoo in Jakarta as our thematic lesson. We departed from JAC School by using 1 big bus and 1 Elf at 07. 30 and arrived at Ragunan Zoo at 08.45. After arriving at the zoo, we bought some tickets and went to the train. Teachers asked children the various animals that live at the zoo. Children mentioned some animals, such as giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, leopard, orangutan, monkey, snake, tortoise, pelican and bird.

All of the children had been taken pictures at giraffe cage. When we arrived at giraffe cage, children were so excited because they could see the real giraffe closer with them. Next, we went to the lion and tiger cages. Children heard the lion’s roar and saw the sleeping tiger under the stone cave. Children also pretended roaring like the lion during going to the birdcage. We saw some birds, such as an eagle, an asleep owl, peacock, parrots, etc. We continued the tour to the monkey’s place. They heard the noisy voice from some monkeys but they felt so happy and curious about the monkey’s voice.

We finished our tour by seeing cheetah cage and went back to the train to go on the bus. All the children were so very happy knowing more about animals, by seeing them in the zoo directly. We returned to JAC School at 10.30 from Ragunan Zoo and arrived at school by 11.45. They went home with a new experience and happy.