Obat Cacing and Vitamin A

for JAC Playgroup dan Kindergarten Sherwood

Monday, August 26, 2019

Puskesmas Kelapa Gading Timur II provided “Vitamin A and Obat cacing” for all Playgroup and Kindergarten children. It was an officially program of Puskesmas Kelapa Gading Timur II.
Vitamin A was given to children aged 0-59 months by dropping it into their mouths, and Obat cacing (Albendazole 400mg) was given to all children in tablet and had to be chewed.
Vitamin A is useful for maintaining the immune system of children. So they are not susceptible to get infections and it maintain healthy eyesight. Obat cacing is useful for eradicating various types of worms in child’s body and can also reducing the stunting condition in children. (Ms. Rini)